Historical information

Department of Biology was first established at the National University of Pharmacy in 2004 in connection with the reorganization of the department of physiology. The result was the establishment of two departments: the Department of Physiology and Department of Biology. Department of Biology led Ph.D., Associate Professor Vera Kravchenko. In 2007 the Department of Physiology was merged with the Department of Biology at the new structural unit, a new department called the Department of Biology, Physiology and Anatomy. Another reorganization with the release of the Department of Biology as an independent unit of NUPh was held in 2013, and the department was headed by Sc.D. , Professor Olga Naboka. The decision to re-create the Department of Biology was made after a thorough study of the structure of other universities and faculties in Europe, that prepare educational professionals such as “Pharmacy” and “Medicine”. Both in Ukraine and abroad, similar to the department have the same or a few other names (medical biology – in Vinnitsa State Medical University, medical biology, genetics and pharmaceutical botany – in Bucovina State Medical University, biology – the Medical University of Bialystok Poland, medical genetics – University of Sheheda in Hungary, etc.), but disciplines that are taught there, have a similar program. Currently, the Department of Biology has significant achievements by the staff who had been working to create teaching and scientific basis for further work. In particular, when the department of biology as an independent, was planned and executed dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences Vera Kravchenko (defended in 2007), Olga Filiptsovoya (defended in 2009) and for the degree of Ph.D. Viktoria Rybak (defended in 2007). The department Natalya Tymchuk, Olga Filiptsova, Viktoria Rybak and Olga Pavychenko – authors of scientific studies and analyzes of department: tutorials “Biology of the basics of genetics” (2006 ), “Cell biology” (2006), “Basic Histology, Cytology and Embryology” (2007), «Biology and Genetics Principles» (2007) typical and work programs and more. Scientific direction of the department of biology are: the study of the pharmacological activity of new synthetic substances and herbal studying the mechanisms of action of new biologically active substances, analysis of the genetic structure of modern Ukraine urban populations, the genetic analysis of common multifactorial diseases, analysis of markers kvazihenetychnyh human genetics human behavior.


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