Morozenko Dmytro Volodymyrovych

Morozenko Dmytro Volodymyrovych – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy.


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He graduated from the Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2005 with honors. He worked as a veterinarian of a private veterinary clinic (2005-2012 – at the main place of work, 2012-2018 – part-time), researcher (2012-2015), senior researcher (since 2018) of the laboratory department. of diagnostics and immunology of the State Institution “Institute of Pathology of the Spine and Joints named after prof. E. Sytenka NAMS of Ukraine “(2012-2018 – at the main place of work, from 2018 to the present – part-time), from 2018-2020 – Associate Professor of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology of the National University of Pharmacy, from September 1, 2020 – Head Department of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy of the National University of Pharmacy.
In 2019 he graduated from Kharkiv Humanities University “People’s Ukrainian Academy” with a degree in “Philology”, qualification – philologist, translator from English.
Educational and methodical work. Conducts practical and seminar classes in the disciplines “Biology with the basics of genetics”, “Zoology”, “Medical biology”, “Medical biology, parasitology and genetics”, “Applied biology with the basics of animal genetics”, “Introduction to the profession” (veterinary medicine) .
Research work: He defended his dissertation in 2008 on the topic: “Chronic renal failure of domestic cats (pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment”, 16.00.01 – diagnosis and therapy of animals; defended his doctoral dissertation in 2014 on “Pathogenetic role of disorders of connective tissue metabolism, informativeness of its indicators for diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of dogs and cats for internal diseases “, 16.00.01 – diagnosis and therapy of animals.
He is the author and co-author of more than 150 scientific papers (115 articles, including 9 in SCOPUS, 1 in WEB OF SCIENCE, 52 abstracts, 3 utility model patents).
Social activities. He is a member of the European Association of Comparative Gastroenterology (ESCG), a member of the Association of Veterinary Nephrologists and Urologists, a member of the All-Ukrainian Guild of Veterinarians (HBV). Member of the editorial and expert council of the Ukrainian Journal of Medicine, Biology and Sports, scientific journal “Young Scientist”, scientific and practical journal “Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry and Nature Management”.

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